Partners and network


  • Directly after being established in Munich, BrandFaktor –The Brand Creators launched an office in the USA, in NY, because BrandFaktor also directs its attention overseas – Only by an international setup, international projects can be taken care of and national personalities can develop international potential.
  • Additional to the key competence of BrandFaktor in Munich, which is to see the person as a brand and to systematically promote and establish them in the long term, the NY office offers extensive expertise in Corporate Communication of brands in the areas of producing commercials and developing new cross media types of advertising.
  • In cooperation with our NY office, we are thus not only able to make international personalities accessible for the European Market, but also have access to international brand owners looking for European protagonists to wrap up their contents. By doing this, we are able to realize consistent brand communication in both directions.



Strong brands need strong partners

Not everybody can be an expert on everything. That is why in specialized areas, we cooperate with companies or individuals that are also leading specialists in their segments. When selecting our partners, in addition to expertise we particularly look for high quality standards, compatible business philosophies and of course for sympathy and the right "chemistry".